Cal's 'Caminos


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My sons 67 El Camino

Here's Justin's 67 when we first got it.


We bought this car as a basket case. It
came with 42 boxes of parts. We can't
seem to find the damn directions.


Notice the SS hood. It's the best part
of the whole car.


How do you like those custom exhaust
tips,,NOT. They gotta go.


It really does have a nice engine. That's
a late model 350, with a Edlebrock highrise,
and a Holley double pumper. What kind of dad
would I be if I let my kid have that kind
of carb. I better trade him for my 2 barrel.


Here's his mom wanting this pile
of junk moved out of her driveway.
Women just don't understand.


Where did you say those wires went.