Cal's 'Caminos


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Looking back...

It all started when I was building a pond for my mom in the spring of 2000. I was getting tired of hauling rock, plants, and trees in my new truck. Then I had a sand bag bust open on the inside of the cab. That was it. I had spotted a 74 El Camino for sale really cheap. It was a real junker, but I thought it would be perfect for hauling stuff around. And besides that, my son could have it in a couple of years when he was old enough to drive. On the way to buy it I spotted a 73 SS El Camino. It was really cool, but a little more money. Then I thought to myself, I've always wanted a SS El Camino, think I'll see what I can find. After searching a couple of months, any SS that I found was way out of my price range. Then I thought what the hell am I doing, I just want something to haul rock in. So I went back to buy the junker for $500. Well it was sold. In the mean time my son had gotten bit by the El Camino bug too. We found a 67 that he really liked, so we went in on it together. Now that made me want a nice one too. I thought well, I'll give up on the SS and just get something I could afford. I found a ad in the paper that said "72 El Camino, $2500". I called the number and the women that answered said it was her husbands car, and he wouldn't be home for a few days. She said I could still come and look at the car if I wanted. I asked her if it was a SS and she said that she was sure that it was not. At this point it didn't matter anyway. When I got there she said the car was in the feild behind the barn,go help myself. When I walked around the corner of the barn and seen that car, with all those SS badges, I nearly fainted. I knew right then and there this car was mine. Finally the guy came home and we made our deal.